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An accessories and car parts installation service is also provided by the team Pro Install Auto as well as supplying a large range of automotive parts and accessories. Whether you have purchased from us, or found that online bargain, we can install it in your car or vehicle for you. You can be assured that your installation is carried out to the highest standard by our qualified staff.




This fantastic tyre monitoring system will keep you updated on all of your tyres on all the vehicles this system is fitted too. Easy installation and the system connects via Bluetooth either to your tablet or your smartphone. Once the system is set up you will also receive the Tireangel App, this way you will be able to check at any time what is happening with your tyres, and if something is wrong you will be sent an alert from the app to let you know what is going on. 

Features: Simple installation and adjustment, Pressure and temperature integrate into telematics systems, Tread depth record for usage projection, Tyre rotation, Use any Smartphone/Tablet.  





This is the full driver alert system including loud audible sound if both yes are closed, vibrating lumbar support, can be freestanding (not monitored if required). The smartest and cheapest driving technology we have ever seen also a lifesaver!

Features: Infrared Camera, works in both day and night, still works if you wear sunglasses, dual alert, 120-degree wide-angle, Navigation access, GPS module, ADAS, Drowsiness Alert, Distraction Alert, Intelligent eye monitoring and tells you when to take a rest.




A brilliant cheap and reliable reversing camera system which has a built-in motion sensor that detects vehicle movement, allowing the guidelines to move and show the predictive path of the vehicle. The durable camera is lP67rated to ensure that it will withstand harsh conditions, plus! it has a 120 Degree camera angle providing exceptional coverage at the rear of the vehicle. 

Features: Dynamic moving guidelines curve as your vehicle moves to guide you to the perfect park, connects to compatible head units with RCA video input (always check specifications before purchase), 120 Degree wide-angle lens provides excellent coverage, Universal butterfly mounting system, lP67 Waterproof/Dustproof, Compatible with PAL displays, 6M RCA Video Lead. No matter what it is going on we can do it!



Handbrake Alarms are used to monitor the Handbrake switch and the Doorframe switch, providing audible and visual warning if the door is opened while the handbrake is not applied. Once the alarm starts, it stays latched on until the handbrake is applied (even if the door is closed again). This system can be used for 12V and 24V automotive systems. This system improves vehicle safety, it reduces the risk of the vehicle accidentally left unattended without the handbrake on, also if the system is used with a external relay/horn, it can provide a warning to anyone in the general area, that a vehicle has been left with the handbrake off. 

Benefits: Warns you when you forget to apply the handbrake, security against damage caused by runaway vehicles, Horn output ensures others will be warned, a mandatory health and safety installation on many mining site vehicles. 

Features: Suitable for all vehicles, Built-in LED warning light and internal buzzer plus an external output, Designed for universal fitment, Output latches on once triggered, can be used in various other installations.


 These brilliant lights are a requirement at all worksites and the good news is we can get them and fit them for you. The range of beacons all sit on the roof of your vehicle, easy to install and makes you visible to the people and other hazards around you. They work from 12V - 30V and come with a permanent mount. With these reliable and great performance work lights, you will be ready to hit the work sit safely. 

Features: 4 Light pattern modes, High impact polycarbonate lens, can be permanently mounted, Coiled lead fully extends to 4.5m, 5A fused plug with switch for pattern selection, 12V-30V.



There is a lot of choices when it comes Aerials, the good news is we can supply and fit what you require. All Aerials come with a range of features and no matter your budget you will not be disappointed with what you purchase. For the standard Aerial, you have a couple of options, the only difference between the two is one is a standard antenna Coil Whip while the other one is a fibreglass antenna. Both of these are pre-tuned to a standard of a VSWR or 1:1.15 or better, the fibreglass antenna is 60cm long while the antenna coil is 67cm. Both are 100% Stainless steel body construction, 477 MHz Frequency and 4.5dBi Gain. So whatever the choice, both are reliable and easy to install. 

Features for Antenna Coil: 100% Stainless Steel body construction, Suitable for New Zealand conditions, 477MHz Frequency, 4.5dBi Gain, Overall Length 67cm, Loaded Whip Antenna, Pre-tuned to a standard of a VSWR or 1:1.15 or better.

Features for Fibreglass: 100% Stainless Steel spring and body construction, Suitable for New Zealand conditions, 477MHz Frequency, 4.5dBi Gain, Overall Length 60cm, Fibreglass whip-style Aerial, Pre-tuned to a standard of a VSWR or 1:1.15 or better.  



Because of the shape of your vehicle and where your aerial could be getting mounted, you will need some sort of mount to fit your aerial nicely. There are a few options which you can choose from one being a standard Universal mount, the other a Universal Angled mount and the last is for a Bracket and Bonnet mount for your car. Really all you have to do is choose one that best fits your driving needs.

Bracket and Bonnet Mount Features:  Brushed Stainless Steel, Z shape Antenna Bracket for boot or bonnet gutter mount.

Universal Angled Mount Features: Universal fit Angled Antenna bracket/mount, Stainless Steel Construction, Appropriate holes - ready to fit.

Universal Mount Features: Gaurd Mount CB Antenna Bracket, Universal Mount, Stainless Steel.

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