Whether you require a hands free kit, cb, rt radio fitted the job needs to be done right and thats what we do.


When it comes to getting your RTS/CB Radios installed into your vehicle(s) then LOOK no further! The 26 Meg is the preferred radio used by truck drivers, but with a wide range to choose from no matter what it is we can take care of it for you, as everyone knows this is a important piece of equiptment for your vehicle(s) its a job that needs to be done right so everything can operate smoothley.  

CB Radios are great for communication, whether it be for Truckies, 4WD'S or Farmers these radios will let you communicate with whoever you need to while you are busy doing what your doing. Also they are incredibly safe to use.

Features: 40 AM CB Channels, 4 Watts Maximum TX Output power, Signal Strength and RF power S/RF Meter, Channel programming and recall, Large channel display, ANL/NB (Auto noise limiter + Noise Blanker, Group Scan (GS) with Priority Channel Watch, Dual Watch Function, Roger Beep Function On/Off, Call Tone Function, External Speaker Jack, DIN Mount, Built for New Zealand Conditions, C/W Instructions, Power Lead, Mounting Kit & Mic Clip. 

We can also take out your RTS from your old vehicle(s) and transfer them to your new vehicle(s), from 1 to many, old to new we can do it.

Give us a call today and see how we can help you with your RTS/CB Radio setup.

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