Get your car's latest car safety device that provides everything from turn-by-turn navigation to stolen vehicle tracking and remote ignition blocking. We deal in high-tech car security systems track cars via GPS or radio, and can even kill the ignition from afar.


M60 series: The 4 star M60B is part of the best selling M60 range, this is a very popular car alarm system which provides a ton of features. This alarm system has an automatic dual circuit immobiliser, which is designed to meet NZ/AUS standards to deter theft by disabling the engine starting and running. Also if your vehicle has central locking, this model can provide keyless entry, just press the remote button to lock or unlock!

 Features: Automatic dual circuit immobilisation, 2 simple to use 3 remote controls, keyless remote central locking, indicator and chirp confirmation, Built-in Turbo Timer, Blue dashboard warning light(LED), 4 Digit pin code override, Security Rearm and Relock, Bonnet Boot and Door protection, 2 Stage impact sensor, Electronic standard siren, Remote panic, Built-in central locking relays, Standards black wiring, concealed main plug, Window warning stickers, Optional boot release, 3 Year Warranty on product. 

Programmable Features: Turbo timer run time, Ignition safety door locking, Door diagnostics, Siren/Horn output, Chirps On/Off, Central locking pulse length. 

Note: Some vehicles require additional parts at extra cost to enable this feature to operate.

Extra Accessories: GPS Tracker, 2 zone Microwave sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Electronic self-levelling tilt sensor, Reversing sensors. 

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